Safety Tips

pinpost.LONDON’s Guide to your Safety

The safety of our users is one of our main priorities. We take many precautionary measures to identify and eliminate spam and fraud ads being posted on our website. It is, however, sometimes difficult to identify scam and that is why it is very important that you take your safety very seriously and be careful when dealing with other people.

We have prepared these safety guides to provide you with some general tips and advice that we encourage you to follow so that you can have an enjoyable, effective and safe pinpost.LONDON experience.

If you have any kind of suspicions that any of the ads posted on our website are illicit and/or illegal, please inform us so that we can remove it immediately.

For your safety, when dealing with other pinpost.LONDON users, always do:

  • Arrange viewings (of properties) during daylight and always try to be accompanied by someone you trust or at least give a trusted person of yours the address and the phone number of the property you are going to visit. Call or text your friend(s) before you intend to enter the property and let them call you while you are in the property or call them after you have left.
  • Meet the seller/buyer accompanied by someone you trust, if possible in a public place and never invite people you do not know inside your home if you are alone.
  • Inspect the item before making a payment. If, for any reason you decide to make a payment for an item that you have not seen, make sure that you use secure payment methods like PayPal. If you are a seller, make sure that you have received your payment before releasing the item you are selling.
  • Take all possible steps to ensure that the item you are buying has not been stolen. For example, if you are buying a vehicle, ensure its legitimacy by requesting a proof of purchase, original documents and certificates like V5 documents and MOT certificates.
  • Be aware of scammers who request payments or deposits in advance of viewings or before signing contracts– this is illegal! Never make any payments for properties you have not seen or to people who claim that they are abroad and unable to meet you in person!

If you have any suspicions of scam, fraud or any type of illegal ads, (inappropriate or pornographic pictures or abusive text) please contact us by using our Report Advert link which is underneath every advertisement so that we can remove the listing from our website immediately and block the advertisers e-mail and IP address so they never will be able to access pinpost.LONDON with the same identifications!

Your pinpost.LONDON safely tips!

How to recognize a scam?

There are various patterns that may indicate adverts with fraudulent content. Here are some of them:

  • Be always suspicious to low cost adverts and never agree to transfer money or make payment upfront. Paying on collection of items is always safe way to assure your purchase.
  • Genuine advertisers would normally prefer leaving email as well telephone number for contact.

 *Please note that these are only general tips for your safety and security. It is your responsibility to take all necessary measures to ensure your safety and security. We cannot made responsible for any difficult or inappropriate circumstances occurring while dealing with users of pinpost.LONDON